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Welcome to the Center for Leadership and Involvement – your link to getting involved on campus and developing your leadership potential.  Have a question? Email the office at

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Leadership and Involvement in Action

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My involvement at UW has been an integral part of my experience. I've learned through the different opportunties that exist all over campus.

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Become a Leader

Do you consider yourself a leader? Many people don't, simply because they don’t have a title or a leadership position in the groups or activities with which they are involved. However, leadership isn’t about fancy titles or being appointed to a particular position within a group or activity. Being able to motivate others and move a group forward in accomplishing its goals is much more valuable than having a title and accomplishing little else.

Here at the Center for Leadership and Involvement, this list describes what we see leaders do:

  • Leaders challenge the process
  • Leaders foster a shared vision
  • Leaders promote action and involvement
  • Leaders show the way
  • Leaders inspire passion

Interested? Please browse our site or come visit us at room 239 in the Red Gym.

Get Involved

Involvement takes many forms at CfLI and has countless benefits. Every opportunity has the potential to help you learn new skills and develop as an individual. The Center for Leadership and Involvement works with campus departments to make sure you have many options to choose from within your major and areas of interest. Whether you want to join a student organization, partake in an internship, or play a sport, CfLI will give you the resources for success. 

Stay Connected

University of Wisconsin - Madison is filled with amazing opportunities for each student.  Our department is committed to keeping you informed of what is happening on campus and providing you intentional direction based on your needs and development.  We look forward to helping you shape your future.