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Leadership Certificate


The Leadership Certificate program reinforces the University of Wisconsin-Madison's commitment to developing student leadership capacity through intentional reflection and engagement in learning, both inside and outside the classroom, for the purpose of meaningful change.


Welcome to University of Wisconsin's Leadership Certificate Program. Since its creation in 2002, the Leadership Certificate Program has been extremely successful on UW's campus. This program is designed for student leaders who excel in their leadership roles both inside and outside the classroom. The Certificate marks a formal acknowledgement of student contributions and achievements.

This webpage will help you learn about the requirements as well as the history of the leadership certificate program. To view a printable version of the leadership certificate information, click here: Leadership Certificate Info Packet.

Completing your Leadership Certificate can be a difficult task. However there are many benefits to the Leadership Certificate Program. To start, there is the personal benefit of taking the time to reflect and celebrate the impact you have made on this campus and surrounding community. Many recipients note they never would have taken the time to consider the contributions they have made as a leader without the certificate. Additionally, recipients are recognized at the Leadership Certificate ceremony held in both the fall and spring semesters. Recipients will receive a Certificate of completion along with a red and gold honor cord to wear during their commencement ceremony.

Want to learn more?

Explore our comprehensive online information packet to learn more about the Leadership Certificate! In addition, the info packet also provides detailed information on the application process, contact information, FAQs, relevant documents, etc. Proceed to info packet.


Come to one of our orientation sessions to learn about the Leadership Certificate and have a chance to ask any questions you might have. There are three orientation sessions scheduled for the fall 2015 semester.  All sessions will be held in the Masley Media Room (1st Floor of the Red Gym) from 6:30pm to 7:30pm.

Tuesday, September 22
Wednesday, September 23
Tuesday, October 13

Online Presentation 


There are two application deadlines each academic year.

November 1st (fall semester)
April 1st (spring semester)

Submit all required materials to the online application by 11:59pm on or before November 1 or April 1, and your application will be reviewed by our Review Committee.

Advising Appointments

To schedule an appointment with a Leadership Certificate advisor please contact the Center for Leadership & Involvement at: cfli@studentlife.wisc.edu or call 608-263-0365