Global and Cultural Competence Courses

Updated 1/17/2023

Overview of Subjects

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African American History Human Development and Family Studies
African Languages and Literature Industrial Relations
Afro-American Studies Integrated Liberal Studies
Agriculture and Applied Economics Interdisciplinary- CALS
Air Force Aerospace Studies Interdisciplinary – Engineering
American Indian Studies  Interdisciplinary – Letters & Science
Animal Science International Business
Anthropology International Studies
Art History Italian
Asian American Studies Jewish Studies
Chicana and Latina Studies Journalism
Classics Languages and Cultures of Asia
Communication Arts Library & Information Studies
Comparative Literature Literature in Translation
Counseling Psychology Marketing
Curriculum and Instruction Medical History
Dance Music
East Asian Literature and Languages Nutritional Sciences
Educational Policy Pharmacy
Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis Political Science
English Population Health Sciences
Entomology Portuguese
Environmental Studies Rehabilitation Psychology & Special Education
Folklore Studies Religious Studies
French Scandinavian Studies
Gender and Women Studies Slavic (Languages)
General Business Social Work
Geography Sociology
German Spanish
Hebrew and Semitic Studies Theatre and Drama
History Miscellaneous

African American History

272  New Deal to New Right

African Languages and Literature

230  Introduction to Yoruba Language and Culture
277  Africa: An Introductory Survey
370  Islam: Religion and Culture
411  African Poetry

Afro-American Studies

154 Hip-Hop and Contemporary American Society
156  Black Music and American Cultural History
203 Introductory Topics in African Literature
225 Introduction to Black American Dramatic Literature
241  Introduction to Traditional African Art and Architecture
242  Introduction to Afro-American Art
243  African Diaspora Art History: Caribbean, Central & So America
265 African American Autobiography
271 Multiculturalism and Social Justice
671 Selected Topics in Afro-American History
672 Jazz Aesthetics

Agriculture and Applies Economics

474  Economic Problems of the Third World
479  Agricultural Development in Latin America*

Air Force Aerospace Studies

401 National Security Affairs and Preparation for Active Duty

American Indian Studies

100 Introduction to American Indian Studies
306 Indigenous Peoples and the Environment

Animal Science

370 Livestock Production and Health in Agricultural Development


104  Cultural Anthropology and Human Diversity
111  Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
211  Global Language Issues
260  Latin America: An Introduction
262  Intro to Afro-American Literary Relations: African Diaspora*
265  Introduction to Culture and Health
277  Africa: An Introductory Survey
318  Peoples and Cultures of Africa
320  Culture Change and the Mexican People
326  Peoples of the Andes under Inca and Spanish rule*
327  Peoples of the Andes Today
328  Peoples and Cultures of Insular Southeast Asia*
349  Cultural Change*
350  Political Anthropology
357  Introduction to the Anthropology of Japan
365  Medical Anthropology
369  Peoples and Cultures of Central and Eastern Europe
428  Gender and Expressive Culture*
430  Language and Culture
441  Peoples & Cultures of European Parts of The Ex-Soviet Union*
448  Anthropology of Law
470  Ecological Anthropology
545  Psychological Anthropology
570  Anthropology and Education
645  Self and Other in Anthropological Analysis*

Art History

104 The Art of Diversity: Race and Representation in the Art and Visual Culture of the United States
201  Ancient and Medieval Art
202  Renaissance to Modern Art
203  Survey of Asian Art
208  Western Architecture: Renaissance to Modern
239 Making the American Landscape
346 World City: Representing London, 1750- The Present
349  The Architecture and Art of Cuba
351  20th Century Art in Europe
354  Cross-Cultural Arts around the Atlantic Rim: 1800 – Present
357  European Architecture: The Nineteenth Century
358  European Architecture: The Modern Movements
362  Arts of India*
370  Arts of China*
371  Chinese Painting*
372  Arts of Japan
377  African Art: Paleolithic to Rise of West African Empire*
378  African Art: West African Empire to the Start of Colonial Era
479  Art and History in Africa*

Asian American Studies

102 Introduction to Comparative US Ethnic and American Indian Studies
121  Asian American Movement
160 Movement and Dislocation
240 Eating Asian America
240 Hmong Refugee History
560  Afro-Asian Improv: From Hip-Hop to Martial Arts Fusion

Chicana and Latina Studies

243  Colony, Nation, and Minority: The Puerto Rican’s World
436  Race, Class, and Colonialism in the Caribbean*
525 Dimensions of Latinx Mental Health


320  The Civilization of Ancient Greece
322  The Civilization of Ancient Rome
351  Gender and Sexuality in the Classical World
370  Classical Mythology
430  Topics in Classical Archeology
517  Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean
561  Greek and Roman Medicine and Pharmacy

Communication Arts

347  Race, Ethnicity, & Media (added 1/9/2015)
352  History of the World Cinema
373 Intercultural Communication & Rhetoric
455  French Film
456  Russian and Soviet Film
458  Global Media Cultures
655  German Film

Comparative Literature

203  Introduction to Cross-Cultural Literary Forms
205  Introduction to the Comparative Study of Race & Ethnicity
350/750 Magic Realism: Cultural Disruption Code

Counseling Psychology

225  Coming to Terms with Cultural Diversity (Intersectionalities, Self-Awareness, and Social Actions for Social Change
230  Race and the Developing Child
237  Mental Health, Self-Awareness, and Social Justice: Working in Diverse Communities
325  Student SEED
620  Student Success Institute (Taught by Hazel Symonette)

Curriculum and Instruction

375  Current Issues in Education:  Power, Place, and Learning Seminar
537  Teaching Diverse Learners
657-003 Supporting Young Children Experiencing Homelessness in School


165  World Dance Cultures: Traditional to Contemporary

East Asian Literature and Languages

251  Chinese Civilization*
253  Introduction to Japanese Culture and Civilization
273  Religion in History and Culture: The East
336  Social and Intellectual History of China, 1400 BC-589 AD*
337  Social and Intellectual History of China, 589 AD-1919*
338  Social and Intellectual History of China, 1991-1949*
351  Survey of Chinese Literature
353  Survey of Japanese Literature
355  Arts of China*
357  Arts of Japan
364  Introduction to Buddhism
520  Popular Culture and Film in Twentieth Century China

Educational Policy

200  Race, Ethnicity, and Education in American Public School
210  Youth, Education, and Society
335  Globalization and Education
423 Education for Global Change

Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis

502  Beyond the Game Series: Undergraduate Student Identity Development
502  Beyond the Game Series: Navigating Intersecting Identities for Undergraduates
940  Diversity in Higher Education


223  Vladimir Nabokov: Russian and American Writings
248 Migration, Memory, and Mermaids: Caribbean American Women’s Writings
270  A Survey of Asian American Literature
319 Language, Race, and Identity
332  Global Spread of English
401  Race, Sex, & Texts
510  Selected Major British / Irish Poets
524  Indian Writers Abroad: Literature, Diaspora and Globalization
538  British Drama, 1914 to present
595  Asian American Women Writers
672 Jazz Aesthetics


203  Introduction to Global Health

Environmental Studies

113  Environmental Studies: The Humanistic Perspective
239 Making the American Landscape
306 Indigenous Peoples and the Environment
307 Literature of the Environment: Speaking for Nature
668 Green Politics: Global Experience, American Prospects

Folklore Studies

100  Introduction to Folklore
210  The African Storyteller


240  Immigration and Expression
248  Ethnic Studies in the French / Francophone World(s)
313  Professional Communication & Culture in Francophone World
314  Contemp Francophone Issues in Gvt, Orgs, & Enterprise
315  Adv Interdisciplinary Studies in French Professional Comm
322  Introduction to Literature of Modernity
325  Visual Culture in French / Francophone Studies
348  Modernity Studies
440  African / Francophone Film
450  French-Canadian and “Quebecois” Novels
454  Modern African Prose and Poetry in French
465  French / Francophone Film

Gender and Women Studies

102  Gender, Women, & Society in Global Perspective
200 Introduction to LGBTQ+ Studies
322  Women and the Life-Cycle: A Cross-cultural Perspective*
325  Global Feminism
351  Gender and Sexuality in the Classical World
367  Art & Visual Culture: Women of the African Diaspora & Africa
410  Women in the Arts*
416  Women in Medieval Society
420  Women in Cross-Societal Perspective
424  Women’s Internal Human Rights
523  Women, Poverty & Family Survival: Cross Cultural Persp.
535 Women’s Global Health and Human Rights
664  Women in the Global Economy

General Business

320  International Communications in Business
399  Student SEED


120  Global Physical Environments
140  World Regions: Concepts and Problems*
239 Making the American Landscape
244  Introduction to Southeast Asia: Vietnam to the Philippines
252  The Civilizations of India-Modern Period
253  Russia: An Interdisciplinary Survey
254  Eastern Europe; An Interdisciplinary Survey
277  Africa: An Introductory Survey
309  People, Land, & Food: Compar Study of Agricultural Systems*
339  Environmental Conservation
340  World Regions in Global Context
348  Latin America*
349  Europe
355  Africa, South of the Sahara
358  China and Southeast Asia*
501  Space and Place: A Geography of Experience
506  Historical Geography of European Urbanization
519  Environment, and Human Experience
537  Culture and Environment
538  The Humid Tropics: Ecology, Subsistence, and Development
548  Problems in the Geography of Latin America*
549  Historical Geography of Western Europe
558 Social Geography of Asian Cities in Comparative Perspectives*


221  Introduction to German Literature and Culture
267  Yiddish Song and the Jewish Experience
278  Topics in German Culture and Civilization
305  Literatur des 20 und 21. Jahrhunderts
362  Topics in German Literature
410  Kultur 1648-1918
411  Kultur des 20. Jahrhunderts
510  German-Jewish Culture Since the 18th Century
518  Anti-Semitism in European Culture, 1700-1945*
960 Deutsch als globale Sprache

Hebrew and Semitic Studies

343  Israeli Fiction in Translation
351  Religions of the Ancient Near East
356  Zionism in Thought, Culture & Lit from Inception to the State*
377  Jewish Cultural History (In English)
378  Jewish Cultural History II*
473  Jewish Civilization in Medieval Spain


103  Introduction to East Asian History: China
104  Introduction to East Asian History: Japan
106  Invasions & Empires: Central Asia from Khan to Stalin*
110  The Ancient Mediterranean
115  Medieval Europe 410-1500
119  The Making of Modern Europe 1500-1815
120  Europe and the Modern World 1815 to the Present
138  Intro to History of Eastern Mediterranean & Muslim Worlds
139  The Middle East in the Twentieth Century*
142  History of South Asia to the Present
239 Making the American Landscape
241  Latin America from 1781-1940
242  Modern Latin America: 1898 to the Present
244  Introduction to South East Asia: Vietnam to the Philippines
245  Chicana and Latina History
251  Jews, Greeks, and Romans*
252  Civilization of India- Modern Period
253  Russia: An Interdisciplinary Survey
260  Latin America: An Introduction
265  An Intro to Central Asia: From Silk Route to Afghanistan
267  Asian Religions in Global Perspective
279  Afro-Atlantic Histories and Peoples, 1808-Present
283  Ho-Chunk History
297  African and African-American Linkages: an Introduction
306  The World of Alexander the Great*
310  Mediterranean Cities: A Cross-Cultural Approach*
319  The Vietnam Wars
339  History of Spain and Portugal to 1700*
347  Introduction to the History of Caribbean Societies
371  The Modern Arab World*
375  The Middle East in World Affairs since 1900*
376  History of Africa to 1500*
377  History of Africa, 1500-1870
392  Women In History
429  Russian Social and Intellectual History*
436  Race, Class & Colonialism in the Caribbean
439  Islamic History from Origins of Islam to Ottoman Empire
440  History of North Africa
441  Revolution and Conflict in Modern Latin America
457  History of Southeast Asia to 1800
458  History of Southeast Asia since 1800
471  Contemporary Societies*
475  European Cultural History Since 1870
490  American Indian History
515  History, Jewish Studies, Curriculum, &  Instruction
533  Multiracial Societies in Latin America
548  Islam in the History and Culture of South Asia

Human Development and Family Studies

474 Racial and Ethnic Families in the US

Industrial Relations

628  Comparative Industrial Relations in Developed Countries*
629  Comparative Industrial Relations in Developed Countries*

Integrated Liberal Studies

199  Student SEED
203  Western Culture: Literature and the Arts I
204  Western Culture: Literature and the Arts II
207  History of Western Culture I*
208  History of Western Culture II*
209  Introduction to Global Cultures
252  Contemporary Life Sciences
271  Precopernican Astronomy & Cosmology: A Cross Cultural Perspective

Interdisciplinary – CALS

350  World Hunger and Malnutrition
472  Land Tenure in Africa: Theories, Policy and Practice*

Interdisciplinary – Engineering

413  Current Issues in International Engineering

Interdisciplinary – Letters & Science

152  Ways of Knowing in Medicine and Society
480  Junior Honors Seminar: Diversity Dialogues and Leadership Facilitation

International Business

365  Professional Development in International Business

International Studies

101  Introduction to International Studies
317  Politics of Human Rights
318  Comparative Study of Genocide
320  Culture and the Global Workplace
320  CRC Global: A Dominican Republic Service Learning Experience
374  The Growth & Development of Nations in the Global Economy
523  Culture and Global Workplace
678  Global Aids Interdisciplinary Perspective


322  Intro to Italian Literature

Jewish Studies

258  The Jews, States, and Citizenship: A Sociological Perspective
367  Israeli Fiction in Translation
371  Topics in Jewish Civilization


162  Mass Media in Multicultural America
620 International Communication

Landscape Architecture

239 Making the American Landscape

Language and Cultures of Asia

100  Introduction to Cultures of Asia.
106  Invasions & Empires: Central Asia from Kahn to Stalin*
140  Asia in the Age of Imperialism, Nationalism and Globalization*
205  The Making of the Islamic World: The Middle East, 500-1500
251  The Civilizations of India: Classical Period*
252  The Civilizations of India: Modern Period
266  Introduction to the Middle East
361  Survey of Indonesian Cultures
364  Introduction to Buddhism
413  Turkish Literature in Translation
416  Introductions to Religions of South Asia*
420  Hinduism and Islam in Medieval South Asia*
423  Buddhist Iconography*
428  Visual Cultures of South Asia
441  Language and Society in Southeast Asia
443  History of Painting in India*
444  Introduction to Sufism (Islamic Mysticism)
459  Islamic Culture: Meanings and History
615  Writing Travels
621  Mapping, Making, and Representing Colonial Spaces
623  Yoga: Methods and Goals
624  Meditation in Indian Buddhism and Hinduism
625  Sanskrit and Asian Cultures*
626  Gods and Goddesses of South Asia
660  History of Buddhism & Buddhist Social Institutions*

Library & Information Studies

202/210  Informational Divides in a Multicultural Society
461  Data & Algorithms: Ethics and Policy
640  Tribal Libraries, Archives, and Museums
640-004  Services to Diverse Communities (online)

Literature in Translation

205  Women in Russian Literature in Translation
211  Modern Indian Literatures in Translation
214  Literatures of Central Asia in Translation
216  Polish Literature in Translation: Late 19th & 20th Centuries*
219  The Rise and Fall of Yugoslavia in Literature*
220  Chekhov in Translation
222  Dostoevsky in Translation
224  Tolstoy in Translation
226  Introduction to Luso-Afro-Brazilian Literature
234  Soviet Life and Culture Through Literature and Art (from 1917)
239  Russia Today in Literature and Film in Translation
240  Soviet Literature in Translation
242  Polish Culture and Literature in Translation*
250  Literature in Trans: Twentieth Century French Masterpieces
270  German Women Writers in Translation
301  Modern Indonesian Literature in Translation
304  Southeast Asian Literature in Translation
313  Turkish Literature in Translation
340  In Translation: Contemporary Scandinavian Literature
349  In Translation:  Modern Scandinavian Drama
360  French and Italian Renaissance Literature – online course
443  Masterpieces of Russian Drama in Translation
450  Structuralist & Post-Structuralist Thought in France*
455  Modern Serbian and Croatian Literature in Translation
549  Modern Indian Theatre


724  Strategic Global Sourcing (Graduate Level Course)

Medical History

213  Medical History and Bioethics
553  International Health and Global Society
558 Ethical Issues in Health Care


103  Intro to Music Cultures of World: Non-Western World Music
202 Delta Blues
203 American Ethnicities and Popular Song
361  Nonwestern Music Performance: Study Groups
377  Cultural Cross Currents: W. African Dance/Music in Americas
400  Music Cultures of the World: Africa, Europe, the Americas*
401  Musical Cultures of the World
402  Musical Cultures of the World
403  Music Cultures of the World: China, Korea, and Japan*
404  Music of SE Asia: Tradition, Innovation, Politics, & Religion

Nutritional Sciences

203  Introduction to Global Health
350  World Hunger and Malnutrition


S&A PHM 490  Health Equity and Social Justice

Political Science

106  Introduction to Comparative Politics
231  Politics in Multicultural Societies
253  Russia: An Interdisciplinary Survey
261  Introduction to Latin American Politics*
316  Principals of International Law
324  Political Power in Contemporary China
340  The European Union: Politics and Political Economy
368  Special Topics in the Politics of Developing Areas*
400 Introduction to Middle East Politics
570  Literature and Politics
611  Comparative Political Economy
620  West. Europ. Political Systems: Germany & Rel. Countries*
621  Western European Political Systems–France and Italy*
627  The British Political System
630  Latin American Politics
634  State and Nation in Post-Soviet Politics *
639  Politics of Southeast Asia
651  Politics of South Asia
652  Politics of Development
655  Politics of Cultural Pluralism and National Integration*
658  Nationalism & Social Change: E. Europe and Adjacent Areas*
659  Politics and Society: Contemporary Eastern Europe
660  African Politics
661  Advanced Topics in African Politics*

Population Health Sciences

370  Introduction to Public Health: Local to Global Perspectives


361  Portuguese Civilization
362  Brazilian Civilization
363  Historical and Cultural Traditions of Portugal
364  Historical and Cultural Traditions of Brazil
413  Portuguese Poetry
414  Brazilian Poetry
443  Literature of South Brazil
446  Modern Portuguese Novel
450  Brazilian Women Writers
470  Modern Brazilian Novel

Rehabilitation Psychology & Special Education

100 Disability and Society
300  Individuals with Disabilities

Religious Studies

103  Religion and Sexuality
271  Religion in History and Culture: The West
273  Religion in History and Culture: The East
379  Islam in Iran
615  Sociology of Religion*
618  Political Islam
622  Cross-Cultural Spread of World Religions

Scandinavian Studies

251  Readings in Norwegian Literature
261  Readings in Swedish Literature
271  Readings in Danish Literature
276  Scandinavian Life and Civilization
374  Masterpieces of Scandinavian Lit: The Twentieth Century
420  The Woman in Scandinavian Literature
425  Knut Hamsun and the 20th Century Norwegian Novel
427  Contemporary Scandinavian Literature
432  History of Scandinavian Since 1815
434  The Art of Isak Dinesen / Karen Blixen
437  Modern Scandinavian Drama
443  Sami Culture, Yesterday and Today

Slavic (Languages)

242  Literatures and Cultures of Eastern Europe
243  Russian Life and Culture*
253  Russia: An Interdisciplinary Survey
254  Eastern Europe: An Interdisciplinary Survey
285  Slavic Culture in Context
302  Zarys historii literatury polskiej
317  Central European Cultures*
325  Eastern Christianity/Russian Orthodoxy in a Global Context
439  Russia Today in Literature and Film
444  Slavic and Eastern European Folklore*
449  Istorija srpske I hrvatske literature
454  Moderna srpska I hratska literature
456  Masterpieces of Russian Drama

Social Work

640  Social Work and Ethnic and Racial Groups


134  Sociology of Race and Ethnicity in the United States
140  Introduction to Community and Environmental Sociology
170  Population Problems
220  Ethnic Movements in the US
496  Topics on Sociology
532  Health Care Issues for Individuals, Families, & Society
614  Social Structures of Muslim Societies
618  Comparative Rural Societies*
620  Comparative Racial Inequality
627  Comparative Social Structure in Africa*
630  Sociology of Developing Societies/Third World
634  Social Structure of India
646  Race and Ethnic Relations
648  Sociology of Education
663  Population and Society
677  Urbanism and Urbanization


223  Introduction to Hispanic Culture
224  Introduction to Hispanic Literatures
322  Survey of Early Spanish Literature
324  Survey of Modern Spanish Literature
326  Survey of Spanish American Literature
361  Spanish Civilization
363  Spanish American Civilization
453  Literature of the Twentieth Century
456  Topics in Spanish Literature
459  Mexico in the Chicano and Chicana Imagination
460  Literatura Hispanoamericana
461  The Spanish American Short Story
462  Spanish American Theater and Drama
463  The Spanish American Novel
464  Spanish American Poetry and Essay
465  Literature and Film in Spanish America
469  Topics in Hispanic Culture

Theatre and Drama

326  Introduction to Asian Performance*
351  Fundamentals of Asian Stage Discipline
353  Javanese Performance
420  Theatre and Society
424  Contemporary World Theatre and Dramatic Literature
432  History of western Theatrical Dance*
526  The Theatres of China and Japan


Queer Emerging Leaders Program (QUELP)
MHB 919  A Historiography of Disability