Leadership & Involvement Record

What is it?

The Leadership & Involvement Record, or L&I Record, is an online tool for students to track leadership and involvement experiences in a centralized location throughout their years at UW Madison.


The Leadership & Involvement Record is a document administered through the Center for Leadership & Involvement recording the leadership roles, student org involvement, or group membership students have had on campus. The L&I Record can also include community service activities, intramural sports, research and more.  Your L&I Record can be accessed through the Wisconsin Involvement Network (WIN) website.

What are the benefits?

  • Allows students to track involvement in one place
  • Serve as a great way to record and organize campus involvement
  • Verify out-of-classroom activities to employers
  • Assist with completing graduate school applications
  • Assist with the development of resumes
  • Provide to individuals writing letters of reference

Instruction Documents for the L&I Record…

Leadership & Involvement How To Tutorial

How to access your Leadership & Involvement Record in WIN

How to Add Current Organization Memberships on WIN

How to Add Membership of Past Student Organizations to WIN


If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact the Center for Leadership & Involvement.