Latinx Studies in the Midwest and Beyond Speaker Series

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@ 5:00 pm

Latinx Labor and Reproductive Justice at the Border and in the Midwest

Thursday, February 22, 2024. 5:00 pm

This panel considers the precarity that Latinx laborers face in the Midwest and the history of cross-ethnic relations among Latinx laborers in Chicago in the context of global and hemispheric neoliberal economies.


Sergio Lemus

Position title:Assistant Professor, Anthropology, Texas A&M University

Sergio Lemus’s website

Sociocultural anthropologist Sergio Lemus documents the centrality of labor processes in driving cultural transformations among Mexican migrants and the politico-historical changed that gives rise to a working-class formation—Los yarderos. This research is slated to be published as a book at the University of Illinois Press under Latinos in Chicago and the Midwest series with the title, “Los Yarderos: Mexican Yard Workers in Neoliberal Chicago.” Lemus’ second research project examines the lives of Mexican, working-class immigrants and their cultural experience living with cancer.

Lina María Murillo

Position title:Assistant Professor, Gender & Women’s Studies, University of Iowa

Lina María Murillo’s website

Dr. Lina-Maria Murillo’s research interests include borderlands, women’s health and reproductive justice, Latina/o/x studies, and social justice movements. She is currently completing her first history manuscript titled Fighting for Control: Reproductive Care, Race, and Power in the U.S-Mexico Borderlands.  Other projects include a study of how “fears of white demographic decline” have translated into a hostile legal and social environment for pregnant women and people in the last two centuries, and a biography of the little-known abortion rights activist Patricia Maginnis, who in the years before Roe v. Wade established an organized abortion network across the U.S.-Mexico border.