Reconceptualizing Education for Newcomer Students

Dr. Jordon Corson

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@ 12:00 pm

Jordan Corson is an Assistant Professor of Education and affiliated faculty member of both Migration Studies and the M.A. in Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Stockton University. Jordan’s work takes up ethnographic and historical methods to explore issues of transnational migration and educational theory through anti-colonial and abolitionist praxis.

Brief Description of Corson’s book:

Countless reforms and interventions have sought to improve academic outcomes for immigrant-origin students, with labels like “at-risk” rushing forth to solve the “dropout crisis.” And yet, even in culturally and linguistically affirmative environments, youth still fall to the margins. Using research from a newcomer school located in New York City, Corson explores the everyday lives of nine immigrant students outside of school, showing that youth are not simply waiting for school reforms. Their educational lives are not bound to institutional spaces or the logics of schooling.