Resilience in the Anthropocene (RITA Summit)

This event has passed.


Come join the Loka Initiative, a part of the Center for Healthy Minds, for a 3-day FREE online summit that brings together researchers, academics, experts from communities most impacted by environmental devastation and climate change, clinical psychology practitioners, and contemplative leaders to discuss eco-anxiety and climate distress within a framework of inner, community, and planetary resilience.

The summit is open to anyone and is particularly pertinent to staff and students.

You can find more information and register at

For more questions, email Maya Vikas at


Leadership Certificate Students

  • The following workshops have been approved for the Leadership Certificate
    • Community, Reciprocity, and Sustainability; What are the key components and conditions for building social resiliency?
    • Discussion and Affinity Groups
    • The strength is within us: Harnessing the power of collective resilience in riding the wave of the climate crisis
    • The pain we carry; How race, gender, class and globalization intersect on eco anxiety and climate distress
    • How to transform distress into compassionate action
    • Deepening out roots through reflection and integration
  • For your reference entry in the Involvement Hours Spreadsheet, please send Mao Thao ( and Maya Kairavi Vikas ( an email verify that you will be attending the conference.