Teejop & Beyond: The Seven Fires Prophecies – Storytelling and Native American History

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Central Library, Meeting Room 302
@ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Dawn Moneyhan, an enrolled member of The Little River Band of Ottawa Indians, will tell the story of the Seven Fires Prophecies recorded by many Indigenous tribes & elders over many generations. These prophecies tell the story of Turtle Island, covering past, present, and future. They speak of the colonization of this land and warn of the many crises we face today, offering us much-needed information to make our choices for tomorrow. The Seven Fires Prophecies speak of the need for everyone to come together, reconnect with Mother Earth and each other, and light the 8th and final fire that will lead to generations of peace. Content includes Native American history and experiences from a Native American perspective and teachings. Suitable for young adults and adults.