Queer Brown Vegan: A Conversation with Isaias Hernandez

Play Circle Theater, Memorial Union
@ 12:00 am

To culminate the celebration of Latinx Heritage Month, the Latinx Heritage Month Planning Committee, in addition to our sponsors, are pleased to present keynote speaker, Isaias Hernandez. Isaias identifies as a queer, Latinx climate educator, researcher, and activist from Los Angeles. Through the creation of their platform Queer Brown Vegan, Isaias helps to educate people on the intersectional nature of the climate crisis. This event is free and open to the public.

Learning Whiteness

@ 12:00 pm

Whiteness is not innate – it is learned. The systems of white domination that prevail across the world are not pre-given or natural. Rather, they are forged and sustained in social and political life. In this talk, Dr. Arathi Sriprakash will explore the material conditions, knowledge politics, and complex feelings that create and relay systems of racial domination. She'll invite us to reckon with past and present politics of education in order to imagine a future thoroughly divested from racism.

Into the Bright Sunshine: Young Hubert Humphrey and the Forgotten Civil Rights Struggle of the 1940s

Auditorium, Wisconsin Historical Society
@ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Journalist and author Samuel Freedman, a UW-Madison alumnus, tells the dramatic story of young Hubert Humphrey, his allies, and his adversaries in the battle for a better nation in his new book, Into the Bright Sunshine: Hubert Humphrey and the Forgotten Civil Rights Struggle of the 1940s. Professor Kathryn McGarr of the UW-Madison School of Journalism and Mass Communication joins him to discuss the complex implications of this struggle that continue to plague us today.