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The Center for Leadership & Involvement (CfLI) is dedicated to supporting students as they develop their leadership capacity.  CfLI’s programming is committed to the concept of leadership as the phenomenon of change in beliefs, values and behaviors.  Programs are guided by the principle that leadership is an action-oriented endeavor and not necessarily based on position or level of authority.  We all can and do affect change.

The Center’s leadership programming focuses on engaging students in diverse experiences and nurtures the practice of reflection.  This reflective approach enables students to make meaning of their experiences, learn from mistakes and re-apply successful behavior.  Below please find more detailed information on two of our premier leadership programs, the Leadership Certificate and the Leadership & Involvement Record (L&I Record), and a resource to support students in their leadership development journey.

Leadership Programs & Resources

Leadership Certificate

The Leadership Certificate Program strives to capture University of Wisconsin’s commitment to leadership, celebrate student impact on the campus and community, and continue purposeful learning inside and outside the classroom.

Women's Leadership Award Recipient 2016

Leadership & Involvement Record

Check out this online tool for tracking leadership and involvement experiences in a centralized location throughout your years at UW Madison.

Student Organization Fair

Leadership @ UW

This initiative was launched to provide interconnected leadership opportunities for students, faculty and staff. Please visit for more!

Senior-thesis writing group