Involvement Opportunities

Involvement takes many forms at CfLI and has countless benefits. Every opportunity has the potential to help you learn new skills and develop as an individual. The Center for Leadership and Involvement works with campus departments to make sure you have many options to choose from within your major and areas of interest. Whether you want to join a student organization, partake in an internship, or play a sport, CfLI will give you the resources for success.

Research & Internships

Want to see what it takes to make it in the real world? Participate in research or an internship! Check out the resources for internships and departments that offer free, paid, or credit research opportunities.

Recreational Sports

Here at UW-Madison, Rec Sports and intramurals are a pretty big deal and the opportunities are nearly endless. Check out this page for resources to get you started on fitness, health and balancing your day!

Volunteering & Service

What better way is there to feel good about yourself than volunteering? Check out these resources to begin your journey into making a positive and effective difference. Define your direction by helping someone else define theirs.

Study Abroad

Make sure you're ready for life outside college by gaining some cultural competence. UW-Madison offers over 110 study abroad programs geared towards your interests. Instruction is in a wide array of languages including English and time spent abroad is determined by you. Follow the link for opportunities to learn more!

On-campus Jobs

Hang out on campus and get paid for it - can't get much better than that! Whether you're grooming monkeys, booking bands, fixing computers, or checking out books, working on campus is a great idea! Check out the resources here to find the perfect on-campus job for you and start reaping the benefits of working close to home.

Student Organizations

Thinking about enriching your life with a student organization? The Center for Leadership & Involvement (CfLI) can help you define your direction and make campus feel like home. Check out the resources to see if the student organization you're looking for already exists or if it's time to start a new one!