Leadership Library

The Leadership Library is located on the 3rd Floor of the Red Gym in the Center for Leadership and Involvement. The library contains numerous books, encyclopedias, and other resources that investigate various leadership topics. The Leadership Library materials and resources are available for use by all RSO members for review or check-out with a valid UW-Madison ID. Staff members at the main desk are always available to help assist with searching and checking out materials.


The following resources are available within the Center for Leadership and Involvement’s Leadership Library:



7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change



Alaskan Adventure: A Team Problem-Solving Exercise
Appreciative Inquiry
Assessment in Student Affairs
Assessment Practice in Student Affairs



Beer, Booze, and Books
The Best of Active Training
The Big Book of Customer Service Training Games
Building a Movement: A Resource Book for Students in Community Service


Citizens of Change
The Collaboration Challenge
College Student Outcomes Assessment
The Complete Games Trainers Play (Binder)
The Complete Guide to Getting a Grant
Contemporary Leadership


Death by Meeting
Dimensions of Leadership Profile
Diversity Activities and Training Designs (Binder)
Diversity BINGO (Binder)


Education and Action: Integrating Classrooms and Communities
Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Smarts: An assessment and learning tool related to Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
The Encyclopedia of Group Activities for Training (Binder)
Evolving Leaders
Exploring Leadership for College Students
Exploring the Evidence: Initiatives in the First College Year


The Fifth Discipline
Fish!: Catch the Energy. Release the Potenial (Video)
Fish!: The Guide by Charthouse Learning
Fish!: A Remarkable Way to Boot Morale and Improve Results
For Your Improvement


Getting to Yes
Giving Advice to Students


A Handbook for Student Group Advisors
Handbook of Leadership Development
HTML for the World Wide Web
HTML Web Publisher’s Construction Kit


Icebreakers (Binder)
Improving Staffing Practices in Student Affairs
Insight Inventory


The Leader of the Future
The Leadership Challenge
Leadership Insights and Applications: Cross-Cultural Leadership
Leadership Insights and Applications: Developing a Quality Leadership Retreat or Conference
Leadership Insights and Applications: Developing Leadership Through Student Employment
Leadership Insights and Applications: An Examination of Leadership Assessment
Leadership Insights and Applications: Followers and Followership in the Leadership Process
Leadership Insights and Applications: Peer Leadership
Leadership Journal: Women in Leadership
Light One Candle
Listen Up Learning Activities (Binder)
Literacy in Action


Management of Differences Inventory
A Manual for Group Facilitators
The Mentor's Guide
Moving Violations: A Memoir
Multicultural Competence in Student Affairs


Now, Discover Your Strengths


Out on Campus


The Personal Touch
A Practitioner’s Guide to Reflections in Service Learning
The Program Planner's Workbook (Binder)
Proud Traditions and Future Challenges
The Publicity Designer's Workbook
Punished by Rewards


Quotes and Quips


The Retreat Planner

S The Servant Leader
The Skilled Facilitator
A Social Change Model of Leadership Development
Stories Trainers Tell
Student Development in College
Student Leadership Program Model
Student Services
Students Helping Students
The Successful Leadership Development Program


Teaching for Diversity and Social Justice
Teaming Up: Making the transition to a self-directed team-based organization
Ten Steps to a Learning Organization


When Hope and Fear Collide
Who put a lizard in my lasagna?

You Don't Need a Title to Be a Leader