Anne Louise Martino Leadership Award

Celebrating Outstanding UW-Madison Women's Leadership

Women's Leadership Award Winner

Pictured: Anne Martino and Alexandria Pham (2016 Anne Louise Martino Leadership Award Recipient)

Pictured: Anne Martino, Alexandria Pham (2016 Anne Louise Martino Leadership Award Recipient), and Kayla Sippl (2015 Anne Louise Martino Leadership Award Recipient)

Women's Leadership Award 2016

Front Row from left to right: Kayla Sippl (2015 Anne Louise Martino Leadership Award Recipient) Anne Martino, and Mary Lou Martino  Back Row from left to right: Lori Berquam (Vice Provost for Student Life and Dean of Students), Alexandria Pham (2016 Anne Louise Martino Leadership Award Recipient) and Donna Freitag (Leadership Certificate Advisor)


The Anne Louise Martino Leadership Award recognizes the valuable contributions of women student leaders and is the first in University of Wisconsin-Madison history to honor campus wide female undergraduate leadership.

Administered as part of the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Leadership Certificate Program and endorsed by the University’s women Deans, this $5,000 award was presented for the first time in the spring of 2014.

The intention of the Anne Louise Martino Leadership Award is to honor an outstanding graduating senior woman who has distinguished herself as a campus leader and to encourage and mentor her.  As the circle of recipients grows, a community of female leaders with common UW-Madison ties and experiences will be established.  This fellowship will foster continued support for women engaging in leadership.

Anne Martino was an active on-campus leader who graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1988.  She is a successful businesswoman who considers the award a way of paying forward the encouragement and mentoring she received from outstanding UW-Madison women Deans and mentors.

Selection Requirements:

  • A graduating undergraduate, degree-seeking student who identifies as female and has successfully completed the requirements for the University of Wisconsin-Madison Leadership Certificate within that same academic year. 
  • Completion of the application process which includes both a written and video submission.

Selection Process:

A panel comprised of Leadership Certificate reviewers will recommend 3-5 candidates to a final selection committee including UW-Madison women Deans and the award donor(s).  As the award continues into the future, past recipients will also be involved in the selection process.

Application Instructions:

Application materials for the Anne Louise Martino Leadership Award can be accessed once a Leadership Certificate application profile has been created for you in the Wisconsin Involvement Network during your advising appointment.  See below for both the essay and video requirement.

Essay questions 
  • Explain why you believe you should be recognized as an outstanding female leader. (Word count: 250 max)
  • Name someone who has served as a mentor to you and explain how this relationship has had an impact on your leadership abilities. Please provide specific examples. (Word count: 750 max)
  • Describe a time when you served as a mentor and explain the impact this experience had on you and your mentee. Please provide specific examples. (Word count: 750 max)
  • What will receiving this award enable? For example, will it allow you to accelerate payment of student loans, contribute to further education opportunities, further your leadership activities, etc.? (Word count: 250 max)

Video Requirement

The purpose of the video is to introduce you and your accomplishments as a female leader at UW-Madison and to demonstrate how your experiences will contribute to your future.

  • This is an opportunity to showcase the impact you’ve had using a creative medium. The award selection committee will use this video to get to know you, your accomplishments, your dreams, etc. so use this video to have fun telling your story.
  • The video may include experiences from your participation in the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Leadership Certificate program.
  • The video may be up to but not exceed 2 minutes in length.

Anne Louise Martino Leadership Award Recipient—Spring 2016

Alexandra Pham Photo

Name: Alexandria Pham
Hometown: Kenosha, WI
Graduated in May 2016
Major: Management and Human Resources

The leadership accomplishment that Alex most values is her time as President of University Wellness Foundation, where she had the opportunity to be a facilitator of a young women’s empowerment group at James C. Wright Middle School. Alex led an 8-week program speaking to issues of racial and gender diversity, self-esteem, body-image, and bullying. This experience led Alex to pursue a career in Learning and Development. She has accepted a position at Kohl’s as a Talent Development Designer in Human Resources, where she will develop training materials and courses that will empower employees to fulfill their personal and career aspirations.

To see Alexandria's video submission, click here.

Past Award Recipients