About the Center


To cultivate and engage students through practical leadership skill development and involvement experiences.


Aspiring to be the premier center for integrated leadership development and involvement resources for all students.

Strategic Plan

Download a PDF of our Strategic Plan (Updated July 2016)

Core Departmental Values

Intentional Learning through Experience: We promote student development by challenging and supporting individuals through purposeful engagement and reflection to achieve learning outcomes that are transferrable to other contexts.

Inclusive Collaboration: We strive to create a culture of openness, respect, and enthusiasm that generates valuable campus–wide partnerships enabling all constituents to work towards accomplishing common goals.

Socio-Cultural Awareness: We promote diverse learning opportunities that spark exploration and action on critical issues of social justice.

Student Centered: We understand that our common purpose is to promote balanced involvement in developmental opportunities that enhance students’ unique connection to the University.

Integrity & Accountability: We are committed to making strategic decisions based on research and data collection, while taking responsibility for the impact of our actions.

Quality Programs & Services: We are dedicated to providing valuable out of the classroom learning experiences for students that produce a measurable and meaningful impact.