Response to Racial Violence

The Center for Leadership & Involvement staff acknowledges and shares in the pain and anger experienced by our students, colleagues, and community at the senseless death of George Floyd at the hands of police.  This tragic act serves as a stark reminder of the existing and historical oppression of our Black and African American communities.

We have an obligation, as a leadership department dedicated to inspiring purposeful action and positive change, to address racism and dismantle systems of oppression.  Our staff is committed, individually and collectively, to this work.  That labor has historically been shouldered by our most marginalized communities, including our Black and African American colleagues – student organization leaders, advisors, and staff.  We seek to share that burden and stand committed to:

  • Intentionally reaching out to our marginalized students to support them where they need it through advising, leadership development, and funding.
  • Providing leadership training to our UW-Madison community that elevates and centers minoritized voices while addressing existing systems of power and privilege.
  • Reviewing our policies and procedures to make certain they meet the needs of marginalized students.
  • Assessing our programs, resources, and services through a social justice lens and making necessary changes to limit gaps and ensure accessibility.

We look to translate this moment into a movement.  An inherently inclusive movement that appreciates the shared struggles and the unique stories of our marginalized communities – advocating especially for those whose intersectional social identities often result in disproportionate suppression.  This will require listening, on-going learning, and a commitment to change.

Ultimately, we will be judged by our behavior and not on our mission, core values, or statements.  We acknowledge and apologize for our silence to date.  We will hold ourselves accountable for our actions and we encourage you to partner with us in bringing forth a more just University and community.

In Solidarity,

Center for Leadership & Involvement Staff