RSO Info for Student Organization Fair

Fall 2022 Student Organization Fair

Tuesday, September 13 & Wednesday, September 14, 2022

5:00pm – 8:00pm

Kohl Center

Table requests for the fair may be made starting Friday, April 15 by RSO Primary Contacts – details below

The Student Organization Fair is an opportunity for your group to promote and publicize your organization to UW-Madison students and to connect with other student organizations who you may work with throughout the year.

Additional Fair Information for RSO Leaders

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Fall 2022 Student Organization Fair Policies

Please note: If any of these rules are violated, the Center for Leadership & Involvement reserves the right to remove your organization from the fair and bar participation at further fairs.

  1. Student Organizations are expected to attend the entirety of the Student Organization Fair from 5:00pm – 8:00pm on both Tuesday, September 13 and Wednesday, September 14 at the Kohl Center.
  2. The CANCELLATION DEADLINE is Tuesday, August 30 at 11:59pm. All cancellations must be submitted to Those organizations that do not cancel by the deadline or who are a “no show” on either day of the fair without prior notification WILL NOT be permitted to be a part the Spring 2023 or Fall 2023 Student Organization Fairs.
  3. Each organization will be given a single 6 or 8-foot table. These tables are made of plywood or plastic: please bring a tablecloth or piece of fabric to cover the table if interested, a cover will not be provided. 
  4. Tables must remain set in place and should not be moved from the original set-up location. 
  5. Please enter the fair through Gate A on Dayton Street to have your WiscCard scanned, after doing so the org may proceed to its assigned table. The organization’s leader will receive the table placement ahead of time. If your organization is not present at your assigned table by 4:30pm on either day of the fair, you will lose your table and privileges to participate in the Spring 2023 and Fall 2023 fairs. Please arrive in enough time to have your WiscCard scanned and make it to your table by 4:30, or staff will assume you are a “no show” and give your table away. Please arrive at Gate A between 3:30 and 4:15pm.
  6. Each organization is allowed a maximum of 2 representatives to work the table at any point during the fair. These 2 representatives can be any member of the organization. If more than 2 individuals are staffing the table, your organization WILL be asked to leave. Those staffing an organization’s table, must be behind the table. These limits are in place to help with distancing and flow of traffic.
  7. There must be a student at the table at all times throughout the fair. Advisors or non-students may not staff the table alone. If no one is staffing the table for an extended period of time and only information is left at the table, the information will be removed and the space will be given to someone else. Please contact if you have extenuating circumstances, and an arrangement may be made. 
  8. Students may have capped/lidded beverages for themselves but may not have them as a handout to fair attendees. 
  9. The following items are NOT allowed
    • No food or candy is allowed
    • No stickers, candles, incense, confetti, or balloons
    • No tents
    • No weapons or weapon like items
    • No vehicles or drones
    • No wheeled riding objects (skateboards, roller blades, bikes, etc.)
    • No amplified music
    • No live animals/organisms
  10. The event will be following current university event polices for COVID-19 found here: Masks will be required to be worn indoors. 
  11. Any students with medical concerns that would require seating should contact the Student Organization Fair Intern at to make accommodations. Otherwise, chairs will not be provided. Chairs can not be moved from inside the Kohl Center arena.
  12. Your organization may not allow a corporate sponsor to use your table for promoting. This includes raffles, free coupons for services, or actual products. Any organization participating in such an act would be in violation of the UW policy 6012 and could be subject to sanctions through the Committee on Student Organizations. 
  13. Only the organization named on the directory and who has reserved the space may be in attendance at the fair. Tables may not be given to another organization and space cannot be shared with another organization.
  14. At the conclusion of the fair, remember to take with you your table displays and pick up any trash in your area. 

Please note: If any of these rules are violated, the Center for Leadership & Involvement reserves the right to remove your organization from the fair and bar participation at further fairs. 

Request a Table at the Fair

Only an active registered student organization’s (RSO’s) Primary Contact (PC) can register an RSO for a spot at the fair.

Determining Organization Status

If your organization is searchable from the Organizations tab in the Wisconsin Involvement Network (WIN), the organization is active.

If your organization is not searchable in WIN, please contact the Center for Leadership & Involvement Front Desk (608.263.0365 or to determine appropriate steps to have an active organization.

Determining and Updating RSO Primary Contact

An RSO’s PC can be determined by visiting the organization’s page in WIN, scrolling down to the officers and clicking on the Full Roster button. The primary contact will be listed at the top of the roster page.

A current required contact (Primary, Second/Financial, Third, or Fourth contact) can login to WIN, go to the organization’s Manage/Action Center page, select the hamburger (3 horizontal lines) in the top left corner and then select Roster. The PC can be changed by clicking the blue pencil on the PC card and replacing with another individual who is on the organizations roster in WIN. Here are additional instructions (look under “Establishing a Primary Contact”).

Only current Primary Contacts will be able to access and complete the Fall 2022 Organization Fair signup form.

Table Request Form

An organization’s sign-up form will be in ‘pending’ status until space becomes available at the fair.

If space is available, an organization will be able have a table in the Fall 2022 Fair and the organization’s indicated fair contact person in the table request form will receive an email. This form’s status will change from ‘pending’ to ‘approved’ in WIN.  The form completer will also receive a message in their WIN Message Inbox.

Open Tables

Similar to previous years, there is a potential to assign active RSOs to open tables on the day of the fair.

An open tables sign up list will be available at Gate B on the day of the fair beginning at 4:00pm. In order to be eligible for an open table, a group must be an active RSO (searchable in WIN). Open tables will not be able to be determined until 5:00pm.

Event Map & Directory

Will be published a week before the Fall 2022 Fair

Additional questions?

Please contact the Center for Leadership & Involvement’s Student Org Fair Intern at