JLC Workshop: How to Work in Diverse Teams

Join the Jones Leadership Center for a fun, interactive workshop focused around working in diverse teams. We will learn how to work with teams through a variety of challenges, learn and apply your personal work style, review methods of how to build an effective and engaged team, and understand the connection between team building and leadership. Engage in fulfilling conversations with other students interested in leadership and enjoy some free snacks. Participation also counts toward the Leadership Certificate and makes for a great resume builder!

Asia Student Mixer

Join us at the annual Asia Students Mixer!! Enjoy a night filled with fun, friends, dancing, performances and activities! Don’t miss performances from other student orgs on Campus. This is a great event to meet new people in the Asian community on campus! Bring your friends, everyone is welcome!

JLC Workshop: How to Give and Receive Feedback

Join the Jones Leadership Center in an interactive workshop focusing on giving and receiving feedback. We will discuss a variety of ways to approach feedback, work to understand and apply techniques in both giving feedback and receiving it from others, and finally learn why feedback is important to leadership development. Enjoy some free food while improving your leadership skills and meeting other students on campus that are interested in leadership. Plus, it is a great resume booster!

An Educational Model for Black Linguistic and Cultural Reparations

Join the Language Institute for a Zoom talk with Anne Charity Hudley. This current time of pandemics and protests is a visceral and constant reminder that the racial and economic legacies of slavery were not only unresolved but continue to determine the course of our daily lives. Few universities have attempted to address these past and present injustices through direct and explicit reparations. Charity Hudley expands on Labov (1972) and Rickford (1987). She reformulates the principle of debt incurred and the unequal partnership between linguistics and the African American speech community into a model for linguistic reparations.

How to Manage Conflict

Join the Jones Leadership Center at Memorial Union on November 29th from 6:00p to 7:00pm to engage in interactive activities focusing on conflict. We will engage in activities that address a variety of conflict scenarios, discuss some of the pros and cons of conflict, discover personal conflict management styles, and apply positive conflict management strategies to real-life examples. 

Languages Alumni Panel & Networking Event

Learn from UW-Madison language alumni working in a range of career industries about how their language studies have shaped their careers! Students will have the opportunity to network directly with panelists and gain insight into post-graduation opportunities related to their language skills and interests.