Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Learn about how the brain, the body and emotions affect each other, and then how to better manage your own emotions and the emotions of others so you can have clearer, more accurate communications that …

Making Art in Cuba

Four Artists talk about Making Art in Cuba

A Conversation with Reynier Leyva Novo, Celia Irina González, Rafael Villares, and Camila Lobón

2023 Burdick-Vary Symposium organized by Professor Guillermina De Ferrari.

Cuba is torn apart by economic crisis, political division, and climate change. It is also an aesthetic powerhouse in which art is the privileged site of civic engagement. Artists incorporate archival and sociological research in an effort to illuminate complex underground economies, solidarity networks, environmental violence, the production of history, and to envision new political practices and institutions.

The Annual Middle East Studies Conference

You are cordially invited to attend the Minority and Ethnic Politics in and from the Middle East Conference featuring nine outstanding scholars from around the US discussing the historical background, sociopolitical realities, and challenges facing religious, ethnic, and other minorities in the MENA region.

WE WILL NOT BE SILENT: Sophie Scholl and the White Rose

WE WILL NOT BE SILENT! Sophie Scholl and the White Rose is a dramatic reading that tells their story and asks some difficult questions about resistance to oppressive regimes, a story that is being enacted on the streets of Tehran, China and Russia today. A post reading discussion will be led by Ulrich Rosenhagen, Director of the UW Center for Religion and Global Citizenry.

UW–Madison’s Climate Justice Teach-in

Save the date! The 2023 teach-in event will bring the campus community together and feature a panel of UW students acting on climate, a keynote, vegetarian snacks, and time for small-group discussion.

An Afternoon with The Humble Horse

Attend an afternoon with The Humble Horse – a WI Indigenous non-profit dedicated to the revitalization of the Ojibwe Pony and Anishinaabe horse society traditions.

Empowering APIDA

Creating meaningful, professional connections at predominantly white institutions can be scarce for APIDA people due to systemic barriers and discrimination. Join us and the WAA: APIDA Affinity Group to network and mingle with APIDA peers, professors, staff, alumni, and professionals from a variety of fields in a business casual setting.