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What is WEBT?

The Wisconsin Experience Bus Tour, or WEBT, is a week-long journey through the state of Wisconsin, meant for students like you! On this tour, UW students get to experience some of the greatest sights Wisconsin has to offer, learn from its diverse communities, and get a glimpse of the inner workings of its organizations.

WEBT is an adventure, taking students to new sights everyday, from urban centers to the great outdoors. It is also fully-funded, meaning it comes at no cost to the students participating! Held after the end of the Spring semester, it runs from Monday through Friday, May 15th-19th of 2023. Previous stops of the tour have included the Milwaukee school of excellence, Islamic society mosque, Pagel’s Ponderosa, and more!

WEBT aims to spread the Wisconsin Idea, the idea that education expands beyond the boundaries of the classroom, by finding new viewpoints and settings, and giving students the time and space to facilitate discussion and reflection. Not to mention, WEBT comes with its own perks! Working with the department of CfLI, WEBT fosters leadership skills and involvement in both on and off campus life. Students learn straight from the leaders in Wisconsin, and in the spirit of discourse and fun, forge bonds with like-minded peers. You come with just yourself and your ideas, and leave with an unforgettable experience.

Applications for the 2024 trip coming soon!

WEBT Misson

Wisconsin Experience Bus Trip’s mission is to foster leadership skills and confidence through a one week trip where students engage with Wisconsin communities, industries, and leaders.

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716 Langdon St. (Red Gym) 1st Floor

  • WEBT first launched in May of 2014, drawing inspiration from Wisconsin Idea Seminar Bus Trip. It took students across the cultural landmarks of Wisconsin. It has since run annually, with the latest trip taking place in 2019. WEBT has historically had many favorite visiting spots, including Lac du Flambeau, Pagel’s Ponderosa, CWES, and more.
  • The 2023 WEBT is the first WEBT since 2019 and marks the revival of this tour which began in 2014

In the interests of the continued health and safety of the participants, WEBT has prepared a printable PDF guide. It is expected students comply with the regulations stipulated throughout the trip. It is tailored according to the locations we expect to visit.

If you have any questions about the guide, please contact us at webt@studentaffairs.wisc.edu. We will be happy to clarify. Most importantly, please, care for the safety of yourself and the people around you

For a trip this extensive with so many different locations, we created a list we hope students will consult and lean on when packing. The weather in May is generally amicable, but unexpected weather conditions can still strike, and certain areas of Wisconsin continue to stay cold well into Spring. Thus, it is in your best interest to pack some warm clothing that covers all extremities. This trip will also include outdoor locations, so a sturdy and comfortable pair of shoes are essential.

Please consult the list below for further detail.

  • Shirts – one or two long-sleeved, one or two t-shirts (at the very least)
  • Bottoms – at least one pair of long sturdier pants (sports), and one pair of comfortable pants (pajamas, everyday use)
  • Close-toed Shoes – water-proof, preferably with reinforced heels
  • Clean underwear
  • Sweaters – warm and roomy
  • Jacket or coat – coat not necessary, but good to have a slim one. Try taking one that fits over your sweater
  • Raincoat/ windbreaker
  • Toiletries – toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, hairbrush, etc.
  • Pen and paper!
  • Work gloves (if you have some)
  • Socks – several pairs, well-fitting, one warm pair
  • Swimsuit
  • Take whatever else you need or want, just follow safety guidelines while wearing items that can get stuck or scratch people