The Wisconsin Experience Grant is no longer accepting applications for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Application Process

Applicants must apply for WEG funding in time to meet the application deadline that is at least one month before the date of the event for which funds are requested.

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) are encouraged to apply for funding as early as possible – especially if funds are sought for honoraria since university contracting processes take time.

RSOs will receive a funding decision from WEG within four weeks of application.

Applications are reviewed by an independent committee based on the grant's criteria. The application process is competitive and not all RSOs that apply will receive funding for their events.

1. Before Applying

  1. Verify RSO is currently registered.
  2. Verify that event meets WEG funding criteria.
  3. Verify deadline for applying to WEG, which must be at least one month before the date of the event that an RSO is requesting funds to support.
  4. Determine the primary contact for the application who must be a currently registered UW student affiliated with the RSO applying for funds.  The primary contact will need to communicate with the WEG Administrator throughout the grant period to answer questions, sign the grant contract, and provide financial documentation.
  5. Review WEG Application Requirements.
  6. Gather all relevant information to complete the application.

2. Applying

  1. Go to and log in on the upper right (using your UW Net ID and password).
  2. Go to the Wisconsin Experience Grant page in WIN -
  3. Click on “Forms” in the left navigation.
  4. Click on the Grant Application Form to begin filling it out.


If you are logged in to WIN already, follow this direct link to the form:


For questions about the grant, contact: Katie Robiadek,, 608-890-0006.

For support in the Wisconsin Involvement Network (WIN) contact the Center for Leadership & Involvement, 608-263-0365,,


3. After Applying

  1. Verify WEG Committee funding decisions in the application system
  2. If WEG funding has been awarded, the RSO must schedule a meeting with the WEG Administrator to:
    • Discuss and sign funding contract
    • Discuss and confirm the financial documentation necessary to receive funding support
    • Discuss and confirm that publicity for the event will include the WEG Logo and Disclaimer
    • Discuss any ways that the WEG Administrator or CfLI office can assist RSO with meeting goals for the event
    • RSO must submit receipts to the WEG Administrator in a timely manner to ensure that University and State of Wisconsin policies are met for the authorized disbursal of funding support
    • RSO must return card scanners after the event so that evaluation surveys can be sent to attendees in a timely manner
  3. All Event Documentation must be submitted via the WEG Final Documentation form within 10 calendar days of the conclusion of the event.  
  4. No invoice or payment will be processed more than 30 calendar days after the event, or after the end of the Fiscal Year (June 30).