Contact Information


Wisconsin Experience Grant Committee Chair

TJ Sargent
3rd Floor Red Gym, Center for Leadership and Involvement

Wisconsin Experience Grant Administrator- Primary Contact for Applicants

Katie Robiadek
3rd Floor Red Gym, Center for Leadership and Involvement
608.265.8184 FAX


Wisconsin Experience Grant Administrator's Role Description

The WEG Administrator is the primary contact for the Wisconsin Experience Grant and is available to answer questions about the grant and application process, including clarifying definitions and explaining payment processes. 

The WEG Administrator processes grant applications, coordinates the WEG Review Committee convened by the WEG Chair, and completes funding payments.

The WEG Administrator also serves as a resource for RSOs throughout the entire grant process and meets personally with RSOs that receive WEG funding.

Creating a working relationship with the Grant Administrator, even before applying, helps ensure that the grant process goes smoothly and helps prevent miscommunications between the RSO and the WEG.