Event Eligibility Requirements

  1. Event is held by a currently Registered Student Organization
  2. Event is Free to Attend and Open to All UW Students
  3. Event includes a Structured Learning Component related to a Pillar of the Wisconsin Experience
  4. Event is held at an Accessible On-campus Location
  5. Event has Documentation of seeking a grant from Associated Students of Madison
  6. Event has a Marketing Plan and Timeline
  7. Event has the capacity and agrees to Record Attendance using Center for Leadership and Involvement Card Scanners
  8. Event takes measures to ensure Fiscal Accountability and Reduce Costs


Click on the boxes with the corresponding number to read more about each requirement.

1. Currently Registered Student Organization

a. Event is held by a currently Registered Student Organization

b. All currently registered undergraduate, graduate, and professional student organizations at UW-Madison are eligible.  Check to see if your organization is currently registered here.  Not registered?  Check for registration instructions here. Still have questions? Contact CfLI directly.

c. The person who submits the WEG application must be both a member of the Registered Student Organization and a currently registered UW-Madison student.

2. Free to Attend and Open to All UW Students

a.    Event is free to attend and open to all UW students and/or has the potential for campus-wide impact.

b.    Events must be free and steps must be taken to actively attract the entire campus community.
      i.    The event must be non-discriminatory on the basis of sex, gender, identity and expression, race ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, socioeconomic status, religion, color, creed, national origin, disability, ancestry, pregnancy, marital status, or parental status.

c.    Campus-wide impact means that the entire campus will benefit from the learning outcomes of the event and/or that all students, faculty, and staff who were not in attendance will be able to learn about the outcomes of the event.  Check for more details about campus-wide impact here.

d.    University department co-sponsorship is required if the general public beyond UW students is invited to the event.  Check the Minimum Requirements for Departmental Sponsorship of Registered Student Organization Events  here.

e.    Requests for closed events will only be considered if there is a compelling justification given on the WEG Application.

3. Structured Learning

a.    Event includes a Structured Learning Component related to a Pillar of the Wisconsin Experience.

b.    Events must support the mission of the University and be educational.

c.    They must include structured learning for students who attend.  Structured learning can include: formal presentations or introductions to aspects of the event, written programs or posters with information about event activities, demonstrations during the event with step-by-step explanations or informative lectures.  Check for more details on structured learning here.

d.    The structured learning must be explained in the WEG Application.  Check for an example write-up here. 

4. Accessibility

a.    Event is held at an accessible location.

b.    Events must be held in an accessible location on campus.  Check for more information on the accessibility of on campus venues here.

c.    Requests for off campus facility rental will only be considered if:
      i.     There is a compelling reason why no on campus venue is suitable for the event; and
      ii.     The selected off campus facility is accessible.

5. Associated Students of Madison Event Grant

a.    Event has Documentation of seeking a grant from Associated Students of Madison.

b.    Events must seek a grant from Associated Students of Madison (ASM) to fund eligible items and provide documentation that an ASM grant was either secured or denied.  Check for information on ASM grants here.

6. Marketing Plan and Timeline

a.    Event has a Marketing Plan and Timeline.

b.    The event must be publicized at least two weeks in advance and advertising must be accessible to all potential attendees through numerous means.  Check out how to create a Marketing Plan here.
     i.    All events that receive WEG funding must acknowledge WEG as a co-funder.  Events must include the WEG Logo and Disclaimer on all printed advertising for the event and acknowledge WEG support at the event.  Check for an electronic file of the WEG Logo and Disclaimer here.

7. Record Attendance

 a.    Event has the capacity and agrees to record attendance using Center for Leadership and Involvement Card Scanners.

b.    The event must be planned so that UW student attendee identification cards (Wiscards) will be scanned in order to provide a record of attendance.  One way to assure that Wiscards are systematically scanned is to station a volunteer at the entryway(s) to the event.  Paper sign-in sheets to collect the first name, last name, and email address of attendees without Wiscards must also be used.  Check out CfLI card scanner policies and instructions here.
     i.    WEG will use Wiscard information to assess attendees’ experiences through an email survey about the Structured Learning Component and campus-wide impact of the event.  Survey results will be shared with the RSO.

8. Fiscal Accountability

a.    Event takes measures to ensure fiscal accountability and reduce costs.

b.    The use of funds for the event must be consistent with Financial Policies for RSOs found here.  For other questions about University Rules and Regulations around university funds, check out the Student Organization Resource and Policy Guide here.

9. Useful Student Organization Resource & Policy Guide Links

a.    Events Planning Guide

b.    Reserving Space in University Facilities Information

c.    On Campus Marketing Resources

d.    Marketing Tips

e.    Good Financial Practices

f.    Campus Funding Sources

g.    Collaborate Effectively Tips