Structured Learning

Structured learning intentionally integrates learning components into the event. Assuming that learning is taking place just by attending the event is not enough.  Be intentional about creating a program which directly relates and helps to assure success in meeting your purpose.

For example, if the event is a music concert, then steps to include structured learning could include: a formal introduction, written information in a program, and/or a demonstration of the music followed by a lecture.  For another example of how to explain Structured Learning click here.

Events must include a Structured Learning Component directly related to one of the Pillars of The Wisconsin Experience.

Pillar 1 - Substantial research experiences that generate knowledge and analytical skills

Pillar 2 - Global and cultural competencies and engagement

Pillar 3 - Leadership and activism opportunities

Pillar 4 - Application of knowledge in the "real world"

Pillars of The Wisconsin Experience are inquiry-based, high-impact practices that characterize the intentional integration of in- and out-of-class learning, by creative and entrepreneurial engagement in real world problems, and through active student leadership. Check out more about the Pillars of The Wisconsin Experience and their associated Essential Learning Outcomes here.