What We Fund

The Wisconsin Experience Grant funds Registered Student Organization requests for up to $2,000 per year to support eligible events.

Items eligible for WEG funding include:

  1. Food – up to $1,500 may be requested for food
    WEG is one of the only funding sources on campus that will provide event funding for food.  WEG requires events to provide Structured Learning in conjunction with items that receive funding.

    WEG funds food in the following cases:

    a. The business of the event could not be effectively conducted without the inclusion of a meal:
    • Event where attendees actively and intentionally learn about a culture through sampling the food
    • Event lasts long enough that it is unreasonable to expect attendees to go without a snack or meal
    • Event where continuity would be definitively interrupted by breaking up for a meal

    b. The business of the event is conducted during the meal:
    • A networking session, guided discussion, or learning activity during a meal
    • A meal-time speaker or performer is scheduled

    c. Adequate facilities are not available for the event attendees to eat on their own.

    The following are examples of instances when WEG does not fund food:

    a. A several-day event with Structured Learning on one day and the funding for food requested for a different day

    b. The funding request is for food that is not for the event attendees, but just for the event planners, presenters, etc.
  2. Honoraria (fee for service)
  3. Lodging for speakers, performers, or trainers
  4. Transportation for speakers, performers, or trainers
  5. Program supplies – limited to one-time use supplies only (for example, event attendee name tags)
  6. Facility rental – must be an accessible on campus venue
  7. Equipment rental 
  8. Printing  
  9. Advertising


Items and types of events NOT eligible for WEG funding include:

  1. Alcohol – no events serving alcohol are eligible for WEG funds
  2. Student travel expenses to attend conferences – see ASM Grants for funding
  3. First class air fare – prohibited by State of Wisconsin policy
  4. Donations to individuals or organization, gifts (including gift cards), and prizes
  5. Social events – events that are not primarily educational and do not provide Structured Learning based on the Pillars of the Wisconsin Experience are not eligible for funds