WIN Interest Matching

The Wisconsin Involvement Network (WIN) allows you to select interest areas which are then matched with Registered Student Organizations on campus. WIN will then recommend student organizations and events based on your interests.


To manage and rank your interests in WIN

  1. Go to and log in using your Net ID and password
  2. Access your user drawer by clicking on your initial or photo in the top right corner
  3. Click on Account
  4. Select the Interests tab
  5. Click on the folders in the Selected Interests section that accurately describe you
  6. A more detailed list will appear and if the interest has a blue plus sign, you can directly add it
  7. All added interests will move over to the box on the right, where you can rank them
  8. Move your mouse over an interest in the right module to display the navigation options. You can move the interest up or down in the list using the blue arrows
  9. You can also remove it completely by clicking the red X
  10. It is important that you rank your interests! RSOs also rank interests based on what the org is all about. You will be matched with student orgs that ranked the same results!
  11. We recommend choosing a small number of interest in order to get a more personalized list

For more information on using WIN to manage your leadership and involvement experiences, read the WIN Training information in our Student Organization Resource & Policy Guide.