Women’s Leadership Award

The Anne Louise Martino Leadership Award recognizes the valuable contributions of women student leaders and is the first in University of Wisconsin-Madison history to honor campus wide female undergraduate leadership.

Administered as part of the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Leadership Certificate Program and endorsed by the University’s women Deans, the $5,000 award was presented for the first time in the spring of 2014.

The intention of the Anne Louise Martino Leadership Award is to honor an outstanding graduating senior woman who has distinguished herself as a campus leader and to encourage and mentor her. Recipients join the UW-Madison Women’s Leadership Award Network: a community of women-identified leaders with common UW-Madison ties and experiences.  This fellowship will foster continued support for women engaging in leadership.

Anne Martino was an active on-campus leader who graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1988.  She is a successful businesswoman who considers the award a way of paying forward the encouragement and mentoring she received from outstanding UW-Madison women Deans and mentors.

Selection Requirements:

  • A graduating undergraduate, degree-seeking student who identifies as a woman and has successfully completed the requirements for the University of Wisconsin-Madison Leadership Certificate within that same academic year.
  • Completion of the application process which includes both a written and video submission.
  • Commitment to attending the Leadership Certificate award ceremony in spring should an applicant be selected for the award.

Selection Process:

A panel comprised of Leadership Certificate reviewers will recommend 3-5 candidates to a final selection committee including UW-Madison women Deans, past recipients, and the award donor(s).

Application Instructions:

Application materials for the Anne Louise Martino Leadership Award can be accessed once you are enrolled in the Leadership Certificate on Canvas during your advising appointment.

Women Leadership Award Recipients
Lily Hansen, Anne Louise Martino, & Iffat Bhuiyan. Lily & Iffat are the Spring 2018 Award Recipients.
Women's Leadership Certificate Award
Front Row from left to right: Kayla Sippl (2015 Anne Louise Martino Leadership Award Recipient) Anne Martino, and Mary Lou Martino Back Row from left to right: Lori Berquam (Past Vice Provost for Student Life and Dean of Students), Alexandria Pham (2016 Anne Louise Martino Leadership Award Recipient) and Donna Freitag (Assistant Director of Leadership Development)
Women's Leadership Award Recipient 2016
Alexandria Pham is the 2016 Anne Louise Martino Leadership Award Recipient. Kayla Sippl was the 2015 Award recipient.

Anne Louise Martino Leadership Award Recipients—Spring 2022

Portrait of Tamia Fowlkes

Name: Tamia Fowlkes

Hometown: Hortonville, WI

Year/Major: Graduated May 2022 with a degree in Journalism and Political Science with certificate in Leadership and Gender and Women’s Studies

During Tamia’s time at UW-Madison, she has had incredible opportunities to expand upon her passions through her work with the Morgridge Center of Public Service and in the student organizations she participated in. Whether she is registering students to vote, writing an article about her community, in conversation with policymakers and activists or advocating for legislation on Student Council, Tamia remains highly aware that her work grants her a unique power to educate and shape the minds of the public and serve as a critical tool in their pursuit of positive change and action. Each interview she has done, policy she has advocated for, and person she has encountered informs her understanding of the issues which most influentially shape our country, democracy, and social interactions. Tamia has always sought to utilize her platform to serve as an advocate and leader for her peers and community while maintaining an elevated consciousness about the changes occurring in the world around her. Through her work, Tamia has been granted a unique opportunity to facilitate meaningful work that places power into the hands of underrepresented, unheard communities.

To see Tamia’s video submission, click here.


Portrait of Katelyn McVay

Name: Katelyn McVay

Hometown: New Castle, PA

Year/Major: Graduated May 2022 with degrees in Global Health, Environmental Studies, and Botany; Leadership Certificate

Katelyn started college at the University of Pittsburgh and transferred to Wisconsin because she wanted to be somewhere that took her out of her comfort zone and enabled her to be her best self. While this is exactly what transferring did for Katelyn, her transition to UW-Madison was not exactly easy at first. However, Katelyn joined programs that helped her become acclimated to the campus and became a leader both on and off campus. Her personal and academic background has inspired her efforts to promote inclusion on campus and to advocate for environmental equity. She has been actively involved in environmental justice work through the Community Environmental Scholars Program and has supported students as a Housefellow and WISCIENCE Research Peer Leader. She is also passionate about research and promoting environmental and urban activism through studying environmental issues. From her own experience, Katelyn knows there is a large opportunity gap for people of certain backgrounds to succeed in relation to their peers. Katelyn will be pursuing a graduate degree in Environmental Planning and Policy and hopes to become an academic researcher in order to use her privilege of education to further advocate for the issues she cares about.

To see Katelyn’s video submission, click here.

Past Award Recipients